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Get to know about me

Get to know about me | RainZgameR; Rain (not really just my nickname); Female but mentally male; Teenage; 5 ft; Idk; 2023-01-23; I was born in japan but went to America at a very young age so I don't know much of Japanese. This social media is my first media I went to, and yes, I love trollface; Trollface (obviously), videogames, memes, a few fnf songs, ddlc, making noises when I'm bored, old disney, DreamWorks, minions, blob, roblox, minecraft, yippee, kids, history class, and imgflip; Boring stuff, my allergies to cats, new disney, toxic users that bully new accounts for no reason, tiktok, yippee haters, school projects, the fact my braincells die everytime a exam starts, exams itself, childphobic, fatphobic, and teachers who hate kids like why; Videogaming, reading memes, writing stupid stuff for no reason, basketball, walking, petting animals that won't bite; Meat; DreamWorks; choccy milk | image tagged in imgflip id card,imgflip,imgflip user,tags,more tags,extra tags | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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