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Inspiration |  Torae~; Bingo; Laughs at everything; Looks older than actual; Quirky/ aesthetic glasses; Past troublemaker; Strawberry blonde hair; Looks good in any style; Looks younger than actual; Noodle; Vicious when provoked; Good with kids; Nose ring; Big smile; Lone wolf; Doesn't play videogames; Smol; Silly; Likes pastels; Approved loli; Good with kids; Introvert; Rarely bored; Big artist; Extrovert; Fruitloop | image tagged in blank bingo | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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boom shakalaka

boom shakalaka |  (prob cringe); Doggies bingo; No irl friends; Likes Undertale/Deltarune; Depressed; introvert; Too much work; wears glasses; reads EVERY noti; gets bullied for no reason; no phone; Middle schooler; over 100k points on imgflip; Wants to not live, but not die. has insomnia; Does Not play games bc they're popular; likes minecraft; gets called "Annoying" too much; On the internet too much; Hopes everyone can burn and die; Probably a Psycho/Sociopath; Virgin; Has anger issues; Has discord; Has switch; Has xbox | image tagged in blank bingo | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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bingo about me

bingo about me |  furret_fart bingo 
(its about time); relates to many memes; confused on pointless things you still wanna know about; single bc cant find anyone hot; likes everything fnaf but doesnt want to play it; cant figure out gifs; last airbender fanatic; younger than u might think; "karen wants to know your location"; mInEcrAft; annoying siblings; i hate zoom but google meets sucks too; makes up pathetic names; either freezing cold or sweating; uses bruh way too much; why, school, WHY; I make too many comments; shoulders turned into water from overly heavy backpack; still gets crushes on cartoon ppl; what even is UwU; know what; here; i dont; else to; add | image tagged in blank bingo | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Fill out mah bingo please

Fill out mah bingo please |  Toozday's bingo; Has been (or currently is) in a relationship; Has OCD; Favorite food is angel hair spaghetti; Favorite season is summer; Is afraid of birds of prey; Plays Fortnite; Favorite color is orange; Likes to draw; Doesn't play stuff just because it's popular; Is in middle school; Anti-Trump; Randomly hums theme songs; Both cat and dog person; Likes science; Marvel fan; Watches Adventure Time; Has unpopular opinions; Doesn't wear glasses; Too many school assignments; Hates uneven numbers; Favorite animal is a tiger; Forgets to do stuff; Can't dance; Doesn't own a phone | image tagged in blank bingo | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Blank Bingo

Blank Bingo |  KuwataStar842's Bingo!!! Prefers to wear long sleeves; Has been 2 Hot Topic; Has a cat and a dog; Likes to eat plain tortillas; Likes anime; Hates scrambled eggs. Like, a lot; Dr. Pepper is best soda; Makes at least 1 reference a day; Likes video games; Likes Memes; Wears Glasses; Bites nails; Usually just forgets to make bed in morning; Prefers a bath over a shower; Has held hands with a girl in real life; Prefers the heat over the cold; Has gotten lost; Has way too many oc's; Actually kind of likes school; Has braces; Its easy to make friends; Has woken up at 2:00 am for Christmas; Likes to read; Has never broken a single bone | image tagged in blank bingo | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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It prolly sucks u don’t have to do it

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