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Any memes that have to do with shell shockers io post them here! Reposts are allowed. Please, no offensive memes. Play shell shockers here: Owner: Windbound
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Two Buttons

Two Buttons |  not playing shell shokers; in one room with a karen for 24 hrs; ME | image tagged in memes,two buttons | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
1,002 views, 9 upvotes, 4 comments

This Broken Egg

This Broken Egg |  SHELL SHOCKERS AMONG US | image tagged in this broken egg | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
by anonymous
324 views, 8 upvotes, 2 comments

I hate this

I hate this |  ME WHEN I DON'T NEED KILLS:; ENEMIES: HELLO THERE; ME WHEN I NEED KILLS; ENEMIES: | image tagged in obi wan hello there,black guy disappearing | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
265 views, 7 upvotes, 2 comments

Is This A Pigeon

296 views, 8 upvotes, 6 comments

I know I have not posted in a bit...

755 views, 4 upvotes, 3 comments

My name is qwikstr1ke

147 views, 4 upvotes, 3 comments

can you?

171 views, 7 upvotes, 4 comments

Satisfied Seal

126 views, 5 upvotes, 4 comments

What teh actual fu-

136 views, 5 upvotes, 14 comments

Well, that was ez

134 views, 3 upvotes, 2 comments

Rick Rips Wallpaper

98 views, 5 upvotes, 2 comments
473 views, 4 upvotes, 1 comment
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