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Alright here’s where I deliver messages of Perv, you can tell me a message you want to send to Perv on here I’ll personally see that you get his reply! I’ll try to update this as soon as possible! This stream is mainly for updates on Perv so please don’t share random nonsense-
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blank chalkboard

blank chalkboard | 10-25-18; Words from Perv himself to these users:
RadecKillzone your awesome my dude,
woldythekitty hows my bro doing?,
powermetalhead hows my bro doing?,
oneforpeace perv says only upvotes,
raydog when i cumback imma be number one,so watch out XD; To everyone: 
1) He’s alive
2) He loves you all
3) Expet himto return for good summer in 2019 | image tagged in blank chalkboard | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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