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Show me that I duplicated a meme and my duplicate will be deleted with pleasure.
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Untitled Image in fun
2 ups, 7y
Alas, poor Hillary. We hardly knew thee and shall miss you so.
new world order in fun
0 ups, 7y
France was a given...cougar vs. cougar bait.
Free Weight Hoarder in fun
1 up, 7y
Idk...not a weightlifter, but it was the largest donut.
Wikileaks: Has anybody else noticed that Team Hillary is attacking the messenger, but not the validity of his message? in fun
0 ups, 7y
Remember when Wikileaks released actual gov't intelligence docs during the Bush administration?

The filth hailed them as patriots!

Now they're releasing mostly Peewee Podesta's emails. He's not even a gov't employee and the filth screech global conspiracy.
Bad Luck Brian in fun
0 ups, 7y
Ikr? Brian redeems himself!!