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drowning kid in the pool

drowning kid in the pool | THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION TO ILLEGALS; HARDWORKING AMERICAN CITIZENS | image tagged in drowning kid in the pool | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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And legal immigrants. Think they're happy about this? Heck no! My theory is that part of the reason why people come to the US legally is to get as far away as possible from the people who come here illegally.
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skeleton underwater | VETERANS | image tagged in skeleton underwater | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Exactly! Sad but true. Illegals get a place to stay, free food while veterans are thrown out like garbage. Such a shame!!
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The veterans you describe have access to everything they need and have had for over 30 years!!
"You can't force a veteran to accept help"
And,.. you do know most 'veterans' never did anything worthwhile right? Some were just... employed by the military. That's it... "employed"
No active service, no battle time, no experience in anything, just 2 years and out.
Build a wall, erect towers, use dogs and search lights and,.. fire on any trespassers who cross the line.
But please stop whining!
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They let them in the country to make money on them, then harvest their organs and sell their kids as sex slaves or worse, I don't think this is working out that well for illegal immigrants either. Our enemies are the people in power.
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Completely untrue and a blatant lie. Liberals don't 'eat' children or 'sell organs' from immigrants and it appears as though EVERYONE(FACTS) who disagrees is your enemy.
The mod** of this stream is a weak minded C**tservative with the moral integrity of a Nazi propagandist.
Authoritarian right wing (#politics)mods are not American and if they were... as close to communist as an American can get.
They have removed EVERY comment they can't deal with... like petulant self-righteous children.
(this comment can only be removed by a sad pathetic loser** with no life)
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why didn't Reagan, Bush or Bush jr or Trump fix the problem? How is it ALL Bidens fault?
I know SlowJoe isn't the right guy,.. but blaming gas prices, immigration, Covid, taxes, inflation, homlessness, The Economy, Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan and your weak feelings only shows how PATHTIC your whining has become.
EVERY post on here about Biden is just another "Karen" crying boo hoo
I want a BETTER man in office.. and Trump ain't the answer!
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Biden seems to actually be expelling more illegal immigrants out of America in total and percentagewise than trump did.... and releasing less of them.... Meanwhile the narrative here is "the border is wide open" and such... 🙄
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