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Exculpatory Evidence? He doesn't know the meaning!

Exculpatory Evidence? He doesn't know the meaning! | LEGAL MALPRACTICE; COMING SOON? IT'S NEVER GOING AWAY! | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Libs, blind to their own crimes,
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Is Joe Biden Mushmouth?
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Bill Cosby confused | HEY HEY HEY | image tagged in bill cosby confused | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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I doubt it, Tojoe. This ain't peetoo, where the censorship is ubiquitous for posts from non-snowflakes.

Attach a few of the rejected memes here, and we'll take a deep dive into whatever the deal is with them.

If you're right, you're right. If not, you're wrong. Same goes for me.
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So Fox is calling Soros , Braggs 'master'. Today, white powder was sent to Braggs office.

There exists a huge difference, Fat E, of supporting a Fascist, and those who rally against them
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So someday you’ll stop supporting forced suppression of the opposition? One of the hallmarks of fascism practiced by modern democrats. Nothing more fascistic than a leftist in power. Ask Canada
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Just because the Right is afraid of pronouns, and transgenders doesn't equal anything close to forced suppression. Trump's newest 'death and destruction' statement equals pure fascism
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I don’t think anyone is afaraid of pronouns or transgenders. As a matter of fact there are so few of them in reality that most people don’t think of them. Compelled speech is a different issue than forced suppression. Censoring conservative views and sites is forced suppression. Atracking parents for expressing dissatisfaction. The very purpose of free speech is the free wxpression of ideas which means you have to hear things you don’t like snowflake, not suppress it. You may not like what Trump said but inAmericanhe has a right to say it. The sad part is you don’t get that.
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Failing to disclose exculpatory evidence to the grand jury exposes the city to a lawsuit for malicious prosecution later on. That, in conjunction with his campaign promise to indict Trump, opens him up (personally) to a civil suit later as well.
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Most of those diversity hires never heard of a Brady motion...
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Which is why, thesis, should the grand jury fail to indict, this klown Bragg will be exposed as the A #1 prime moron that he is.
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