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Something Nuremberger

Something Nuremberger | image tagged in change my mind,covid vaccine,covid amnesty,covid tribunals,tyranny,clown world | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Well to be fair...they were informed the vaccines had absolutely no long term testing. They publicly stated it was made and then publicly mandated it a week later.

They were informed, they were just morons.
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Unfortunately not everyone was a moron. A great many people had their job on the line and family members to support and the COST of non-compliance was getting fired with no immediate prospect of a new job with similar pay being available within travel distances . . . while bills were due and food needed to be put on the table.

There was ILLEGAL COERCION involved and I sincerely hope that the involved government agencies and complying fascist style businesses cooperating . . . get sued up one side and down the other.
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alternate version: your thoughts?
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Yes, same sex activity exists among animals
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