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To be

To be |  “TO BE IS TO BE PERCEIVED”; BISHOP GEORGE BERKELEY | image tagged in catholic,god,philosophy,love,human,hug | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Wave function collapse
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That would mean the imperceivable don't exist, and the existence of everything else is contingent on it being perceived.

It also implies that the objects of delusions exist.
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Non-existence can never be right? All things exist eternally.
To be implies not to be, however, as Shakespeare said, everything is true.
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I am thrilled to have made your acquaintance...

A friend and I once puzzled out that "non-existence" is a non-starter BECAUSE it implies its opposite, and that duality is sufficient to preclude its possibility. It would be a paradox, because non-being would require asserting itself in relational opposition to being. Now ain't that something?

If that argument is too flimsy, we can always fall back on the first law of thermodynamics.
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Not shocked at all | WOW SOMEONE WHO CAN PUT LANGUAGE TO IT | image tagged in not shocked at all | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Indeed. Seems in the real world (the world of spirit, Atman, Brahman etc) everything is paradox however, As an spiritual advisor of mine once said “well, paradox is what “we” call it” lol

Rumi noted “ there is a field out beyond ideas of right doing it wrong doing. I will meet you there..”
I suspect we could say that field would include paradox as well. There is a field out beyond paradox, I will meet you there.
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Rumi! He has a permanent place reserved in my guest house. 😁

Paradoxes are delicious. The first I encountered, and still my favorite, is absolutes are always wrong. Because that one is true, making it an exception to itself. Which means it's wrong because it's right. ☺️
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Oh yes, that’s a fan favorite of mine too. I refer people to it often.
I’m 9 years sober using 12 step method and that poem has been sinfully useful in navigating disturbing emotional events.

I’d never heard the absolutes are always wrong and the rest of that.
I LOVE IT! Thanks for something new. <3 I also love new mind stuffs too, which I suspect based on our engagements know that nothing is new, only revealed or unveiled.
There is nothing to be discovered outside of me. I am the capacity for all things.It’s all within.
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My guest house is always open to all comers. Of course that's just the entryway, which is littered with smashed dishes, scarred with carved initials, smeared with fecal matter and scorched from trashcan fires.

The WELCOME guests get a clean comfy room. I usually hang out in the panic room, watching the shitshow from a multiplexed array of closed-circuit monitors with popcorn on standby. Defacto Taoist dogma aside, I feel it's important to maintain standards with regard to the company one keeps.
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I'll keep a room reserved for you. 😉
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We live in a Rorschach block.
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