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i need advise on what to do now because im lost in LGBTQ
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Ignorance is the cause of all suffering.
Not ignorance as in stupid but ignorance is in “I / they / them/ etc just don’t know differently.”

Your parents response is not about you, it’s about their own thoughts, views and opinions about what your saying. It’s the label they are judging and or condemning, not you the person.

Ask them to tell what what they think gender fluid or pan means to them.
Then, if they are off you can correct the ignorance (not knowing) part.

I don’t know gender fluid or pan is really either, don’t care, I just accept people as they are and feel that labels are limiting.

I’m just a human with a vast variety of desires, thoughts, feelings and ideas and what is true for me on Monday may not be on Friday because I’m in a constant state of change.
I just never know.

Like that song “ i’m 1 million different people from one day to the next.”

Just the same way that a man can’t stand in the same river twice, I can never meet the same person twice because we change every day, every second.

Love of self no matter what, then spread the love around to everyone else ❤️ (Even when they’re ignorant because we’re all ignorant, just on different subjects)
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This made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that
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All there is is consciousness. We are in what the Hindus refer to as the Kali Yuga.
The universe exists and ceases to exist in different Yuga’s.
This one is a dark yuga for humanity, yet equally, because of darkness, light.