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But yet they walk free. in politics
4 ups, 2d
If we truly lived by an eye for an eye, the whole world would be blind.
Everyone f**ks around, some find out what happens. Not dems but everyone else does.
Next time I’m in trouble I’m going to “identify as democrat “and see if it helps. Lol
Cunning ego in depression_much
0 ups, 2d
Maybe. I was sitting in meditation yesterday after treating my fiancé, who I love, like an asshole. As I was sitting in meditation and in knowing about and working with abandonment issues I saw that this is a behavioral I have.
I also saw why I do this, Ie the meme.
That’s definitely not how I want to be. I think I’ll call my therapist again and we should probably start working on it some more.
Untitled Image in repost
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LATER MF’S | image tagged in two horses racing | made w/ Imgflip meme maker