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161 views 9 upvotes Made by _bowtie_bovine 2 months ago in Furries-stream
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This makes me angry, you being blatantly misgendered like this, that is.

Is there anything I can do to help you feel better, Nemo?
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Thank you
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May i ask for context?
I don't really understand what's happening there.
It's OK if you don't want to.
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Im a transmasc dude who wants to wesr makeup, but my family is transphobic and turned it back on me
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F**k them! You say your a dude, YOU ARE A DUDE
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Ugh, people suck sometimes. If you need support or anything else, I'm here for you
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don't listen to 'em man, they're all rats
you're a dude, and don't let anyone besides yourself give ya anythin' about it
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As an afab demiboy who like dressing feminine from time to time, I feel ya
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