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Looking at the far-right Facebook group Our Lives Matter:

Looking at the far-right Facebook group Our Lives Matter: |  June 10th post; June 11th post | image tagged in ironic,hillary emails,january,maga,blue lives matter | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
119 views 13 upvotes Made by dmcc78 2 months ago in politicsTOO
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Not a group but a page/news personality on Facebook with 50K likes. I just created a page on there called _Our Lives Matter is fascist_ to stash some memes if anyone is interested.
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we have a deep library. Feed them all to your group, make sure they can be shared from there as well.
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True, I guess it doesn't have to be just memes that I make.
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"Hillary belongs in prison" for having a private email server. Exactly the same thing that, uh, what's her name... oh, yes, Ivanka Trump did. I remember the furor that caused. Donald pushing to jail his daughter. Wait, there wasn't a peep about that. I bet he wants to jail her now after she testified against him.
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Also pushing Blue Lives Matter, except for those January 6 Capitol police.
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The people still talking about Hillary Clinton from 2016 are the same one saying that Donald Trump is still living rent free in liberals' heads

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    June 10th post; June 11th post
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