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NRA in politics
3 ups, 4d
Do you realize that's actually a steaming pile of dog shit?
Sad not to be able to comment… in politics
1 up, 4d
"95% of the time the person doing that is a liberal/progressive/leftist"

And yet when you look at the facts, not your opinion, it's much closer to 50/50 than 95/5
The tiny minority Has had Some success. But, they don’t know much about Economics in politics
2 ups, 4d
Like the conservatives who threaten to kill gay and transgender people?
Dang. A Lot of reading, for a Little life in politics
1 up, 4d
LIKE ME! | image tagged in laughing hitler | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
So you're saying it would have been wrong if Hitler's mother had had an abortion?
Left Exit 12 Off Ramp in Christian-clean-meme
2 ups, 4d
Do you support everything the Bible supports?