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Occupy democrats

Occupy democrats | image tagged in occupy democrats,ukraine,assault rifles,30 round | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
1,043 views 44 upvotes Made by Jerksauceagain 4 months ago in politics
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Good ole OccupyDemocrats. They are not even literate. "We still against..." someone needs to give them a grammar lesson on basic speaking. And these people think they are smart.
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Communist rats, all of them.
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Yeah that's funny isn't it? All these people usually against big rich corporations and billionaires have no problem when the "trickle down economy" of leftwing money comes their way. It's like a dog with a bone.
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Except they put the bone in their mouths by length.
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Build the wall. Then put these swine against it.
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Occupy Democrats: "It's good they are handing out guns to defend themselves but they should only be given 10 round magazines. Oh and none of those scary "assault" rifles.

On second thought they should be given archery sets. But no more than 10 arrows and they can't be those scary "assualt" bows either.

Wait, just give them rocks to throw."
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Matthew Mcconaughey | JUMPING THROUGH YOUR ASS TO ARM YOUR CITIZENS?? THAT'S WHY WE HAVE THE 2ND AMENDMENT, BE COOL IF YOU DID | image tagged in matthew mcconaughey | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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You guys are clowns if you think the part about 30rd mags is real😂
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