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pres biden in politics
1 up, 3m
Maybe Trump did, but you've had four years to make the memes about it. If you missed the window, that's not my responsibility. :)
Desperation in politics
2 ups, 4m
It's a possibility that an anti-Biden spoof site sent this email to me. If they did, they would have gotten the email address from the pro-Biden camp. I think it's real though, they are asking for money and their other emails are full of anti-Trump rhetoric and vitriol.
Joe and Chesty in politics
0 ups, 6m
We've been hearing a lot about Trump's bone spurs but no one mentions Biden's asthma.Seems like most of the recent Presidential candidates weren't healthy enough for Vietnam, regardless of party.
BLM missing the B in politics
1 up, 6m
Its BLM, not HLM
Defunded Police in politics
0 ups, 7m
Violence tends to emanate from a small number of people in a community. If you can interfere with them, the total amount of violent crimes goes down. If left to their own devices, it escalates.