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Thanks Democrats
They'll just lie about being democrats and get guns anyway or have their republican friends buy for them
Gun Laws
The vast majority committed by felons, career criminals etc. So the gov't has dropped the ball. I don't see how taking rights from the law abiding due to the actions of criminals is going to help.
Gun Laws
Well the population of Canada is about 36 million, the population of the U.S. is over 320 million so...the math doesn't work in favor of your statement.
The Double Standard :)
More similarities than differences
Guns for Britain
WWII, the British army was driven from France by Germany and lost much of its weaponry. They asked U.S. and Canadian civilians to donate private weapons to help repulse a German invasion. Most of the guns were never returned. Decades later Britain heavily restricted private gun ownership and many private firearms were destroyed as a result.