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Your body doesn't care where the enzymes come from, except when it has to fight an infection to get them from the invading army'

Your body doesn't care where the enzymes come from, except when it has to fight an infection to get them from the invading army' |  WHAT IF I TOLD YOU... THAT DUE TO HOW SPIKE GENE ASSIMILATION PROCESSES WORK, GETTING SICK WHILE BEING VACCINATED IS BOTH LITERALLY, AND FIGURATIVELY, LIKE GETTING A BOOSTER SHOT BUT WITH THE ADDED HASSLE OF GETTING SICK? | image tagged in laurence fishburne morpheus | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Over half the deaths seen by funeral directors were likely caused by the COVID vaccines
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Embalmers are seeing the same things. And No. Coroners and Medical Examiners aren't automatically the most trustworthy of sources. They're often Bureaucrats and small time politicians. They can be lazy or incompetent - their patients rarely sue for malpractice. They can also be corrupted or just concerned for their careers.
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Citation Needed.
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Embalmers can see my dick when I die, a second opinion is just a second opinion, I trust actual virologists working together with experts in other fields of biology and genetics, over a bunch of glorified undertaker doctors with a hunch.

"Citation Needed."

I have more than all the citations needed in my comment's history, available to anyone.

Have a nice Citation

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that out of more than 18.2 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine given in the United States as of Feb. 3, it has confirmed 57 reports of people who developed TTS after vaccination, and has identified nine deaths attributed to TTS following vaccination"
Let's assume, in your favor, that correlation implies causation, which it doesn't. only 9 doses out of 18.2 million caused blood clots, and it only happened with Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca.

Yep, wanna criticize Gates for something that actually makes sense to criticize him for? do it for being a greedy bastard who preferred to make a deal with private profiteers than Oxford's scientists with an open patent proposal to help the third world, even dick waving his Oxford donations, which btw weren't the ones who developed the formula, it was a smaller lab, Oxford simply offering them their infrastructure and clout, but Bill Gates still acting like a common pimp, with even the nerve of doing so with hoes that aren't even his.
Oxford could've tried to hold their ground, but Gates has around 700 million dollars invested, taking away that money would ruin the careers of hundreds, if not thousands, with all the potential for lost progress down the line.

But yeah, let's criticize him because nanobots..., and I'm the one talking pseudoscience.

Oh, my bad!..., I forgot that ONLY YOU, get to link the CDC and be taken seriously for it, whereas when I do it, even if sometimes it's from the same article, it's nothing but liberal lies by the status quo, or just a devious Deep State plant

Besides, I told you I'm working for my country and those I share a common project with, the kind of thing that the US was supposed to be doing, but fails constantly, which is try to guarantee the right to pursue happiness for as much people as possible.

Or not, you can't know, you can only lose your mind.

Even assuming you're right, you think it's wise to try and gaslight a spy? I mean, whatever, I dunno.
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Funny that YOU should bring up "Nanobots"... I prefer to stick things that are proven and provable - not speculation or poorly supported cla | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I don't recall ever linking to the CDC. They're simply not a credible and disinterested source - any more than you are. If and where I do - it's only to establish that EVEN THEY, acknowledge something as being true. They're and the FDA are largely funded by Big Pfharma, and have Patents being used by them.

Why would Gates release the patents? Then just ANYONE could make the dangerous and ineffective products - which are known to have disparate and problematic safety profiles - some batches more than others.

If just anyone could make them, it would interfere with what looks to be a deliberate program of dangerous Human Medical Experimentation, eugenics and transhumanism. How could he control the amounts of the secret and "proprietary" ingredients? No. His global campaign of Depopulation and Technocratic Totalitarian Panopticon social control, relies upon a tight rein on the production and distribution of the lethal injections.

It's funny that you bring up Nanobots - where I don't believe that I ever have - and then throw that up a another Brandolini effect, gish-gallop of strawmen and bullshit. It's certainly possible that's an element of this nefarious Gates/GAVI/WEF/WHO agenda (that you've recently returned to ImgFlip to shill for, after several years of apparent inactivity) may include them- but I try to avoid bringing things up, that aren't conclusively proven. Unlike you.

I notice that you list one citation - without a link, referring to the dangerous J&J jab...and only ONE, of many WELL KNOWN potential adverse effects from it. The CDC still clings to the disproven and fraudulent notion, that nobody has ever died from these dangerous, ineffective mRNA Gene Therapy Biological Products. VAERS has a WELL KNOWN problem with undersampling and underreporting. The CDC won't reply when asked for the proper Under Reporting Factor multiplier... But it appears to 41×. When a product's maker ACKNOWLEDGES a potential Adverse Effect from their Emergency Use Authorized product - and then THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people die from those exact causes, after using it... Then "correlation isn't causation" is an exceedingly weak argument.

Gates nefarious dealings in Africa and India are oretty well known.
UNICEF is now a funder.
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"I notice that you list one citation - without a link, referring to the dangerous J&J jab...and only ONE, of many WELL KNOWN potential adverse effects from it and blah blah blah blah I'm a totally sane person "

You've failed to notice the dozens of posts with citations, literature, citations to literature, and links as well, where I TALK ABOUT MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, MUCH MOE THAN JUST THE "dangerous J&J jab" Which I've posted throughout all this time, available for everyone to check at my comment's history.

You accuse me of gish galloping yet here you are, publishing a wall of text of nutjob conspiracies with a needlessly large picture filled with cherry picked and misleading statistics, which are just part of the MANY, MANY studies behind the data and literature that I myself have posted.

You rely entirely on reducing my position to just one of the many things I've said, that's lazy.

"Gates nefarious dealings in Africa and India are oretty well known."

Childrenshealthdefense, an organization previously linked by you, and previously rekt and fakt chekt by me in a previous discussion (available in my comments history).

Everything's on record buddy, you're just doing a performance art at this point, and the best part is that you're insane enough to believe your own fantasies.
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You KNOW - if you CLAIM that you've "rekt" something on this website - you can put a hotlink to that directly - instead of merely asserting that this was so. So you're saying that you "rekt" Bobby Kennedy Jr's entire organization - and anything that they might ever write or republish? That SOUNDS like an 'ad hominem tu quoque' fallacy - just done in advance. That article is well sourced, with links. If you want to rebut it - you'll need to do that directly and point by point.

You're constantly citing "Thomson Reuters" as your source.
That's what "rekt and fakt chekt" - looks like, since you don't seem to really know.

It wasn't clear to me WHICH PSYOP and narrative control front, that you acknowledged yourself to be working for, over in Spain... Could you be so kind as to answer that question succinctly and honestly?
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Holly shit you really are a basket case.

I should ask you to get away from me but I dunno, curiosity is too strong.
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So - NO ANSWER, to the question that I asked you - about whomever it is that's paying you to do this.
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Everu dumb shit you're saying has been answered with the scientific knowledge that debunks your lies at their base.

And I told you, I'm being paid by the CEntro Superior de Información de la Defensa XD.

Or not, I mean, I obviously work for deez nuts and nothing else, but if I were to investigate a Spaniard doing this kind of crap as a potential shill, I'd go with what I told you, since it's the most logical choice.

Why would I work for the Gringos or the British? They're the ones who'd be speaking Spanish if it weren't for Catholic fanaticism, Habsburg rampant inbreeding, and lack of adequate prize controls to avoid inflation due to all that Peruvian gold and silver flooding the empire XD.

Now you don't know if my motto is either "No Pasarán", "Santiago y CIerra España" or both.

Seriously man don't take this seriously, it'll only make you crazier than you already are.
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If what you said had truly "answered" or "debunked" anything - then you should link to it directly - instead of this poor attempt at Jedi Mind Tricks. You ARE the droid I'm looking for.

How much does deez nutz pay - for your full court Disinformationalist press? You were going around the clock, at one point.

And when I post the faces from the mRNA Gene Therapy injections long list of Killed and injured... Well you just ignore that, or throw out Bromides about "correlation". Except that your sacrosanct official narrative about 'Covid deaths' or 'hospitalizations' DOESN'T use that standard for evaluating evidence - does it?

In fact in the number of the Covid 'dead' we find plenty of people with alternative and more direct causes of death - like gunshots, traffic accidents, alcohol poisoning and falling off of roofs. Commonly, the hospital just takes a sample on the corpse before it goes to the morgue - and the notoriously inaccurate high cycle PCR testing does the rest. And there are financial incentives for both the hospital and the family not to object, or look too closely into it, beyond that.

And the same is true with 'Hospitalizations'. You go in for a broken arm - and they swab your brain. There's no definitive evidence of Covid illness in many of those cases, as well. If someone presents with symptoms - that's another matter entirely. But that distinction wasn't being made. The only distinction that I'm aware of, here - is that the people who've been jabbed get a lower cycle limit in their PCR tests; if they get tested, at all.
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