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Biden's Accomplishments

Biden's Accomplishments | image tagged in creepy joe biden,old pervert,government corruption,pedophile,chinese,puppet | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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you fogot the border crisis
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Biden has so many "accomplishments" it's hard to keep track of them.

As for the border:

Mass release of illegal immigrants in Texas is captured on camera: Group of male, childless migrants were later put in taxis to airports and flown to cities across the US

Once the "migrants" walk across the river, now they get an "ID" !

TSA reveals illegal migrants flying without proper ID can use an ARREST WARRANT as identification

Rep. Lance Gooden had sent a letter to TSA after a whistleblower claimed the agency was allowing 'unknown migrants' to board commercial airlines in the U.S.

TSA Administrator David Pekoske responded explaining that certain DHS documents may be considered acceptable alternate forms of identification

Those include a 'Warrant for Arrest of Alien' and a 'Warrant of Removal/Deportation'
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