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Six Fingers for this anime man?!

Six Fingers for this anime man?! | image tagged in memes,good fellas hilarious,funny,anime,animation fails,design fails | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
205 views 10 upvotes Made by CalebDecker1 1 month ago in Anime
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Again: stop making fun of animation errors. Just because they’re not normal doesn’t mean you can call the ones behind them stupid or dumbasses. And before you come-a-knockin' Blackberry-birb, just because students should know how to animate after four years doesn’t mean that it’s wrong to make some goof-ups every now and then. Making fun of people over an animation error is still wrong, even if your logic is correct.
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It’s a funny error I just caught but I’m not making fun of the animators.
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