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How many push ups did he do? How many sit ups? What kind of juice did he drink?!
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mian in Smash_ultimate
0 ups, 3mo
Best Kirby Copy Ability to exist IMO.
The Real Zelda in gaming
0 ups, 3mo
Yes, people who have never played the Zelda series in their lives believe a kid with a green cap is a princess.
Untitled Image in Nintendo
1 up, 5mo
My childhood right here. One day, I used to play one of the gambling minigames until my DS DIED.
This combo deals over 500% in one hit. Melee can't handle that much and therefore it crashes the game. in Smash_ultimate
1 up, 5mo
It’s easier to do this in Special Smash, specifically Mega Melee. It also helps if you have friends.