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About The Current Situation In The Smash Bros. Community in Smash_ultimate
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That's what I want to know the answer too! I mean, I know why Nario and ZeRo got accused (not going to mention how here), but not about the other 48 pro players.
I swear the finale is world of light in Fake_Switch_Games
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image tagged in crying salute gohan | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
A crying salute to the kids whose Reploid Independence Days were ruined.
Aiiaiaia in OCs
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Alia for the Fairy/Ice Ribombee, and Yammark for the Bug Type Espeon.
Tabuu is HARD in Smash_ultimate
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Look, fam... Here me out. | image tagged in sonic boi | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
As much as I like Ultimate, World of Light is shit when compared to Subspace. Only one - yes, you heard me right, only ONE - boss fight is difficult as hell, and that’s the fight with Galeem in order to get the Dharkon related bad ending. All the other boss fights are easy as macaroni and cheese. Hell, even DRACULA is easy once you figure out his pattern.

Also, the designs for the main antagonists are even more unoriginal than Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue, Super Saiyan Rosé (although that one I can honestly understand), Ultra Instinct Omen, Super Saiyan Blue Evolution, and Ultra Instinct COMBINED. They’re just two spheres: one surrounded by wings, and one surrounded by tentacles.

There’s other problems with World of Light too: it’s so god darn boring, Dedede is SO GO***AMN HARD TO GET BECAUSE JOY-CON DRIFT IS A BITCH, and you have to listen to the worst main theme song in all of Smash AGAIN once you get the true ending to the game. And it’s pretty hard to tolerate too, as it’s EVERYWHERE IN THE GO***AMN GAME!
Spam in Smash_ultimate
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Quickplay Young Link, Ness, and Palutena players in a nutshell.