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Abortion is murder. Women must take responsibility if sexually active to use condoms and birth control to avoid the abortions.

Abortion is murder. Women must take responsibility if sexually active to use condoms and birth control to avoid the abortions. |  Did you ever notice how people that support abortion, i.e. the murdering of defenseless babies, NEVER demand 
that women take 
responsibility for their 
sexual behaviour and take steps to 
prevent pregnancy and thus, 
the need for abortion in the first place? | image tagged in memes,skeptical baby,abortion is murder,abortion,political memes,women | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Kramer Fantasy Land | IT MUST BE FANTASY LAND! | image tagged in kramer fantasy land | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
So simple. Such a simple view. If only the world was a beautiful place, and no one ever commited assult....what a nice place you have here, what is it called, Fantasy land?
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The meme was clear and was not referring to rape victims since women being raped are not VOLUNTARILY engaging in sexual activity.

The meme is designed to hold women accountable when having normal sex lives requires them to be personally responsible and to take steps to not become pregnant in the first place, thus not requiring the horror of abortions, but we have Leftists and radical childless Feminists to thank for infantilizing women and championing the murder of unborn children.
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No, you live in fantasy land since 99% of abortions performed in America, Canada, Britain, Europe, Australia, etc. are due to women not behaving like responsible adults and using protection and/or birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies to avoid the need for abortions in the first place.

I'm "sooooo sorry" that I believe in gender equality (unlike you) and therefore, I hold women to the same standards as men to behave as fully formed adults when they engage in sexual activity.

A reasonable person like me would never tell a rape victim that became pregnant that she couldn't have an abortion, but it could also be argued that it's not the child's fault for being conceived through an act of horrific, humiliating violence (I want rapists executed just like I want murderers executed) rather than being conceived through an act of love.

Here's a test for you, smartass. If you and I both agree that rape is evil and a rape victim or victim of incest or a woman with a legitimate life-threatening medical condition should be allowed to have an abortion, will you agree that no other abortions should be permitted?

I'd bet you support late-term abortions too and even babies being left in a steel sink to die if the mother or parents simply decide they don't want the baby for some reason.

I'd also bet that you don't care that the majority of abortions kill baby girls, so why don't you care about the rights of little girls? How disgraceful of you, you pathetic virtue-signaler.
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So what are you going to do in the name of freedoms, legislate a law requiring condom use and birth control?
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What a silly question when legislating that men wear condoms and women use birth control would be treating adults like children rather than demanding that they behave like intelligent adults and take personal responsibility for their sexual behaviour. Freedom does not mean not having responsibilities and irresponsible actions have consequences, so your side should be encouraging the use of condoms and birth control rather than smiling about women being allowed to murder defenseless babies in their womb.
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Do you agree that abortion is the killing of defenseless babies, yes or no?

If can't even agree on that basic fact, there's nothing more to discuss with you because you can't be rational. Facts don't care about your feelings.
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That is the thing, what I beleive, and what another believes are the same thing. I cannot determine what situation another is in.

You talk like this is a utopian society, or we will get to one. I am sorry, there will never be a utopia.

I do not think one should abort a perfectly healthybaby. But, I also faced tough pregnancies with my wife and we were constantly warmed of the doctors warnings they might have the recommendation to abort, depending on the Childs, uea I used child, condition.

And for those of you whoike to judge and assume, the fetus, in the beginning was recognized by wife's body as a foreign object amd not a fetus. Her body was trying to abort the child naturally. 4 months in the hospital, and, we have a successful swimmer, and retail manager in college for a business degree. The second pregnancy was even worse. Weekly test to measure the child's (yes I called its child again) the blood flow in the fetus brain. Before every single appointment, we were taken to a counselor and explained that that the doctor may recommend aborting the pregnancy. If the need had arisen, weasked for a blood transfusion in the womb. They were prepared to cut my wife open, grap an arm,and give my baby a blood transfusion, fro. The womb. Imagine, seeing your pregnant wife, with a arm out of her belly getting a blood transfusion. Got that

I. ot advocating for a abortions, as apparent by my story. Not all individuals have the gut to commit...

I am only saying, it should be available.
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I'm certainly sorry about the horrific circumstances you and your wife had to endure. I can't think of many worse things to have to deal with in life both mentally and physically, so I am genuinely sorry about that and naturally, how could I have known?

I was not referring to a utopian or ideal society at all. I'm simply stating that abortion is horrible under normal circumstances and women must be responsible using birth control methods for their sexual activity to avoid pregnancy if that is not the outcome they desire. That also includes women with pre-existing conditions that should avoid pregnancy and use birth control for the sake of their own mental and physical health.

I've also clearly laid out valid circumstances for abortions being due to pregnancies resulting from rape or incest or molestation or in cases of valid medical reasons for either the mother or unborn child (severe birth defects, etc.).

I'm not advocating for the total ban of abortions. I'm advocating for better and valid restrictions though (and let's be real; I have no power or influence anyway). I don't side with the "abortions day and night to satisfy ever whim of women" crowd nor do I side with the "no abortions ever for rape victims or valid medical conditions" crowd.

If I understand you, I think we have some common ground here, so all the best.
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We do, we want the best for our society, but one cannot legislate it, it has to be a social thing. I think we are saying the same thing.
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Yes, I think we're saying the same thing. Best regards.
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Small keyboard, sorry.

warmed= warned

uea= yea

whoike= quick

weasked= we asked

fro.= from

I. ot = I am not
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Do you agree that killing a baby robs the world of that child's potential, yes or no?

If you're a rational person, you agree. If you're a ghoul that revels in the murder of babies, you disagree.

No rape victim should be denied the option of having an abortion because next to murder, there is no more awful, horrifying, and humiliating a personal violation than being raped. I side with the rape victim 100% and have no sympathy for rapists (and I want rapists executed as well as pedophiles executed).

However, what if that child was going to grow up to cure all forms of cancer or a major form of cancer or ALS or other disease, but that child was aborted and the world was robbed of those cures? It's something to think about and certainly in the case of 99% of abortions in North America not performed for rape victims, we have lost millions upon millions of children (mostly black children in America) that cannot contribute positively to our society.

It's too bad that you're fine with that, but that's what I expect from lunatics like you.
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Skeptical Baby memeCaption this Meme
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Did you ever notice how people that support abortion, i.e. the murdering of defenseless babies, NEVER demand that women take responsibility for their sexual behaviour and take steps to prevent pregnancy and thus, the need for abortion in the first place?
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