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A right wing playground is all this platform island for extremist to bitch and point fingers!!!
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Google loves dead white Americans in politics
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SORRY DADDY....I WONT TAKE THE 5TH..... | image tagged in ivanka burrying her dad using a tortoiseshell | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Oh no....not that......

I asked for an image of a daughter burying her father with a turtle....poof i get exactly what i asked for....perhaps try being more specific in your promts...details matter....rotflmao....
Untitled Image in politics
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And no more followers....poof. have fun out there.
Where are the eggs? in politics
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It really is a seriois issue, as anyone that has actually used IVF, knows you place 5 eggs, and hope for the best.....lets hope none of those egg aren't AB with the case with sister in law in texas 20 years ago. Aborted 2. Still ended up with a "special child". Wouldnt be possible these days. She would have 3 special children in 2024.
Untitled Image in politics
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That group shapes their arguments and solidifies the groupnon a a single front. This week ots AI images...because you knkw....AI promt engineers get 100k and they are trying to see what the actual deal is....all while failing to produve the image they want...its the engines fault.......
Zombies won't want your brains. in politics
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Yep...has to be an agreed commodity. Seashells comes to mind...B.C. Comic strip