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Cuomo |  Democrats:Impeach Cuomo for murder of the elderly? Impeach him for grab ass | image tagged in memes,drake hotline bling | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
590 views 37 upvotes Made by Rockitrudy 2 months ago in politics
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Because women are a protected group and apparently old people are not!
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He needs to go to jail for both
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Reminds me of Capone; couldn't be prosecuted for murder and mayhem but he went to prison (and his death behind bars) for tax evasion. Sadly, sometimes we just have to be thankful karma works through small channels. And hopefully this callous bast*rd will finally be penalized for something.
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I was going to create this exact meme, maybe the text might have been different but the message would have been the same. And I was going to use the Drake meme.

So instead you get an up vote.
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I don't care if they impeach him for putting pineapple on a pizza, as long as they rid NY and the world of the scumbag, murdering, lying 2 faced, shit bag, greaseball, communist, traitorous, lowlife, puss sucking, corrupt filthy asshole, and his demonic family from society. Yes I have Coumo derangement syndrome, I know it and fully embrace it. The egotistical arrogance of the Coumo family destroyed my former home state and threaten the nation as a whole, good riddance may they all rot in hell.
Now that I got that rant off my chest, the question people should be asking is why are they dems turning on him now and throwing him under the bus? My guess is the egomaniac that he is thinks he will be president in 2024, the Chinese, Clintons, Obama's and would rather have the equally demonic Kamala because they control her easier (and a few sexual favors probably sealed the deal.)
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Drake Hotline Bling memeCaption this Meme
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Democrats:Impeach Cuomo for murder of the elderly? Impeach him for grab ass
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