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It's accurate, if you think about it

It's accurate, if you think about it |  I JUST WITNESSED A MURDER! | image tagged in oh no you didn't woman on cell phone | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
1,750 views 66 upvotes Made by WiseCracker 4 months ago in The_Think_Tank
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For those who are confused by this meme, but feel embarrassed to ask what it means:

Some time in the 80's I was introduced to the term "murder of crows" by a Sting song (All This Time). I didn't understand it....I was young. So I asked someone, my mom I think - it might have been one of my brothers, and they informed me that large groups of animals are often given names.

After rattling off several examples;
mischief of mice,
cauldron of bats,
sleuth of bears,
clutter of cats,
coalition of cheetahs,
cowardice of dogs,
pod of dolphins,
business of ferrets

I was informed that a group of crows is called a "murder"

A murder of crows....and the list goes on....there are almost as many group names as there are types of animals.

I hope you learned something, or were at least entertained.
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Indian Guru | Thank you Oh, wise one! | image tagged in indian guru | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Very informative!
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Here is a good article with 99 groups named:
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I see what you did there
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*me who knew this from experience*
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And a raid of maids
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Oops. Wrong hoe. Snicker snicker
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Well done!
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I mean, they should call a group of gulls, a navy.
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lol they should
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Put this in the eyeroll stream
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