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Welcome aboard! I only have two simple rules. 1. Pay your fare. 2. Sit down, shut up, and hang on!
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I'll never understand how Captain Obvious could be a heretic in The_Think_Tank
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["Abrahamic religions are those religions that worship the God of Abraham, including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam ." That many practitioners of these faiths refuse to acknowledge this fact is emblematic of the damaged or missing higher order thinking skills inherent to the religious mind.]

I'm no Bible scholar, but if you boil it all down and take a step back and take a good look at the strife between the Abrahamic religions, you'll see that it's really a centuries old family dispute over who really is Abraham's rightful heir. The way I see it, an angel told Abraham that he and his wife would have a son that would make their nation of followers as numerous as the stars. Abraham, excited about the prospect, ran and told his baren wife the good news. But she was not only baren, she was old, too and had no faith that it would happen so she told Abraham to make a child with a younger, fertile woman. Abraham lost faith, too, and did as his wife asked. The younger woman bore Abraham a son and Abraham loved him. Then, after several years had passed, Abraham's baren wife became pregnant just as the angel had mentioned. So now Abraham had two sons and only one of them could be the leader of the nation the angel had mentioned. And since the angel had said Abraham's wife would be the mother of this leader, the older son and his mom were a problem. So Abraham banished them. And thus the dispute. The banished son's bloodline became the founders of Islam, claiming to be the true heirs of Abraham.