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You're right. It was me who hijacked the discussion and I apologize. I see where I made my mistake. I scrolled through the responses hastily and thought that the communism meme was from someone not contributing to the topic and making a hit and run statement. My mistake. Thank you for the correction.

Anyway, back to your Robin Hood comparison. It doesn't apply in this case. 1. There's no evil sheriff, 2. No oppressed community, and 3. No absent or uncaring king. What we do have is a school with its eye on the big picture and a lunch lady with only her own feelings in mind. She has endangered the welfare of the many to help the few. Her actions only benefit her.

I've been an auditor for both big bloated companies and mom and pop businesses. It's about the allocation and proper handling of money, not greed.

As I mentioned in my paragraphed meme, the cafeteria has to calculate the number of servings each day. And as I mentioned in my hypothetical scenario, she has thrown the ledger off balance and one kid who paid for his lunch now has nothing to eat. Now, keep in mind, her generosity isn't on trial here and it's not about the food. She had probably been told to stop, but continued anyway and it wound up biting the school in the ass.

She was fired for what she jeopardized. The school's lunch funding. It's sad that some kids don't get to eat at home, but that's a parental issue not a school issue. There's resources available to them. She could've pointed them in that direction.

All it takes to ruin everything for everybody is on disgruntled paying kid to tell his parents the school took his money and gave him nothing in return, then the paying parents confront the school, file a complaint, the school gets investigated, their funding gets frozen or pulled all together, the school then needs to drop programs, lay people off and go through the hassle of reorganizing, and raise lunch prices to make up for the short fall.

Or, they could just shut down. Then where does that leave everybody? Parents have to find new schools. School employees have to look for jobs. Lots of people will lose and all for what? Because a lunch lady couldn't find a better solution for a problem that wasn't the school's in the first place?

She may have thought she was being good and generous, but she was actually being selfish.
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Your leftist leanings are revealed not by your examples, but by your blatant ommissions and tactics. Your issues clearly lie elsewhere. You've high jacked the topic of discussion, the lunch lady and the school, and turned it into an argument about left vs right. Let's keep it about the lunch lady. Make your case about that.
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