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Leftist Mantras Failing in Cyberage

Leftist Mantras Failing in Cyberage | image tagged in election 2020,joe biden | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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**Heres everything anyone needs to get up to speed initially**:

Brief info to get over the hump that “theres no evidence” (which is repeated without detail or investigation like a gas-lighting mantra):

Here is some other evidence (some overlap but a lot more detail and more evidence toward the end):
GA Senate Hearings (full of lawyers) admitted them as experts starting here:

And finally, this is pretty damning. The presenter is an attorney for the tcf center in atlanta who is just presenting SECURITY FOOTAGE to the ga senate because they requested:

And dems also stole the senate in the GA runoff. Gateway pundit has a lot of evidence from PA WI and MI. They targeted six large dem controlled cities in swing states. Trump was presented a good plan but picked corrupt incompetent rudy guliani to manage lawsuits, who bungled it (so badly some say it may have been on purpose). The whole inside story is on deepcapture. Dot com

(Just a few experts who claim it was completely stolen: )

(The director of national intelligence says china interfered, media ignored: )

(Heres how I felt when the media ignored the senate security footage presentation: )

( And heres the failing media strategy trying to make this go away: )
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First video doesn’t contain evidence of fraud but makes notes of errors and anomalies that they admit at one point is not evidence of fraud but a red flag that could be fraud.The thing is, these errors and anomalies are quite easily explained with two very important variables that are being ignored. First, that voter turnout was abnormally high. Second, that mail-in ballots were abnormally high.

Second video the workers were not placing the ballots into suitcases for nefarious mean, but rather into their proper storage containers. The suitcases with ballots were actually absentee ballots that had been packed into those carriers by the workers in the plain view of the monitors and the press. They were doing this because they thought their work was done for the day, and they could leave. When they left the room they were immediately instructed to return by an officer in the next room. Georgia election officials and local media monitored hours of footage from the arena to determine if there had been any wrongdoing. Neither party found cases of fraud from the incident.

That is hilarious that you’re throwing Giuliani under the bus. Can’t wait for Trump’s turn, honestly. It is long overdue.

The former DNI’s memo has nothing to do with election fraud.

Director Ratcliffe was expressing concerns within the intelligence community in regards to China’s influence being downplayed in favor of playing up Russia’s own meddling. He wasn’t specifically linking election tampering but rather, as Democrats had insisted in the 2016 election, that massive false information was being used to manipulate the public’s political views. Further, his concerns were not even about what China had done but the intelligence community to overlook alternative viewpoints. A valid criticism.

All of this evidence has already been presented before courts and been dismissed as anecdotal. What that means is that you can prove there were anomalies but they couldn’t prove there was fraud. So, they couldn’t dismiss the votes that were within the legal precedent set by the state. That is why voter integrity is now the name of the game.

I personally don’t blame Republicans for that.
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Nobody can watch that and conclude anything you just wrote. Youre just throwing confusion bombs hoping they dont look at the links. Is very clear for all to see. I am not a trump supporter btw I want elections back.
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There is nothing confusing about the truth that can’t be answered with logic.

I don’t care if you aren’t a Trump Supporter, a 9/11 truther, a flat earthier, or an anti-vaxxer. I will always counter people who spread false or misleading information. Especially when it’s been debunked.

Which the information you’ve linked to thoroughly has been debunked.

Now, if you want to argue election integrity, that is something else entirely that we might have common ground. It is far more sensible than your rhetoric which could lead to large groups of Republican voters being disenfranchised.
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