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His Economic Plan Includes a "$15 million dollar min - a 15 thousand dollar -- ha. $15 dollar minimum wage,"

His Economic Plan Includes a "$15 million dollar min - a 15 thousand dollar -- ha. $15 dollar minimum wage," | image tagged in politics,political meme,joe biden,dementia,potus,cognitive decline | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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"YOU'RE TRYING YOUR BREAST BUT IT NEVER FEELS LIKE ENOUGH." Joe Biden | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Six-second video from the gaffe machine (who keeps on giving...)

Contrast this with Trump. NO QUESTION who is capable of being President of the United States!! I say to you leftist Democrats, "Come on, Man," it is embarrassing to see this is the BEST you have to offer the American people. You should be ashamed!
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Biden is a (poor) figurehead, only in place as a stand in for the deep state to grab more power. The fact that he is still being touted as an actual contender is evidence that his voter base is either knowingly willing to accept the deep state agenda, know that they are actually voting for Kamala Harris for president, or they just have such an absolute hatred of Trump that they are willing to accept anybody, and I mean anybody, instead. Even a 78 year old lying, plagiarizing, mentally incompetent, pandering, racist that is only in this running because his party is propping him up and hoping he doesn't keel over before the election.

Don't get me wrong, I don't really care for Trump as a person, he's done really crappy things in the past and his communication skills are like that of a 12 year old...immature and poorly formed, often meant to inflame as opposed to offer calm or assurance. His diplomacy to the American public, especially on the other side of the aisle, is shit. know where he stands, he speaks his mind, he doesn't back down, and he has done a lot of good in the last four years. And he is not in this for power or money, he's in this to hit the reset button on so much of the deep state BS that has seeped into our culture today. I do not trust the left with my freedoms anymore, they have given too many instances and examples of reasons to remove them and that doesn't fly with me. Kamala Harris is dangerous to the US, and she will be President, not Biden, and her benefactors will rule by her words and actions.

End of rant...God help us all...
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