Tell me this guy isn't a predator.

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This person, whoever they are, is deeply, deeply damaged.

I don't want anyone "gone from imgflip." That's just someone acting like a victim for sympathy.

He/she's clearly unraveling. And it doesn't need to be that way. But, pride's a bitch of a mistress.
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Is that Jeff Stone???
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It's the "lawyer" that wants to sue on Kylie Minogue's behalf.
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What's particularly disturbing about this is the belief this person has that "kids" of any age need to learn how to INTERACT WITH AND THINK LIKE GROWN-UPS. What does this person mean by children of ANY age "interacting with" and "thinking like" adults?
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With that particular individual, it means to manipulate them into being proxies, with them being willing to be rallied to go on the 'attack' (for lack of a better word) on those this Pied Piper claims to be some sort of enemy because of feelz.

That much has been verified by comments calling these children to do so and with them proceeding to yap at memers they (and their peers) have not previously had any interactions with whatsoever.

That is troublesome enough.
Anything further is speculation at this point, and hopefully has no basis, however is of grave concern and rather sickening.
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