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Budding proctologist specializing in anesthesia free rectal realignment procedures and bowel blockage removal
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Sooo Hear me out in politics
0 ups, 3m
Hello, how are you?
Trump Beats Biden NOOOOOOOOOT in politics
0 ups, 3m
hahaha, that's be funny if it was him.

Well he has been gone a day, but maybe he got a timer. Plus the article was from Feb 9th.
But he definitely is a fake of some sort.
Democrats Who Don't Get Their Way Become Dangerously Violent in politics
2 ups, 7m
Oh, silly me.
A stalker came back last week and I flagged a comment from them. Problem is I couldn't get a retribution/retaliation deletion/timer because this profile had gone inactive months ago, and my last comments were so Rated-G and mellow it would have been like penalizing Perry Como for taking a nap in the middle of the night in a ghost town after downing a gallon of Nyquil.

I mean, crap, I got so bored with being bland I couldn't get this account sparking if Reagan shot me full of crack, so it got retired.

Anyways, going back through months of comments of which they already used any that weren't granny-safe against me wasn't the most fruitful task, so when this turned up, you know it earned God an extra fiver in the collection plate on Sunday.
Democrats Who Don't Get Their Way Become Dangerously Violent in politics
2 ups, 7m
I know, a certain someone saw when you posted and was the 1st to UV your comments that night. I had a feeling maybe I should delete them, but were they really gonna care about crap from last year when this was the norm?

Anyways, this was retribution except they had nothing to penalize you for, so they targeted me instead so I can express to you that Alt Reigchters shouldn't be flagged.
If your going to attack The Duke for being racist, be consistent. in politics
0 ups, 7m
Claiming they fought against it as if the Civil War was between parties instead of North and South, yet embracing it and defending the flying of it as if it was their very own flag now.