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VagabondSoufflé sez rectums make for poor hats. Kindly remove yours from your CONFOUNDED head. All hail the GODda!
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This won't end well for one of these groups...
No he hasn't, that's for his other memes.
This won't end well for one of these groups...
There's an article that I've been meaning to read (think I bookmarked it!) about all these similarities between ISIL and the Alt Right. Same mindset, lower IQs, lesser education, lack of job prospects, sexual identity and masculinity doubts (are any of them ever women?), need for authoritarian rule and conformity, and a desire to return to a fabled golden age which they believe has been disrupted by today's hedonistic individualistic society.
Peter Griffin News
Oops, I said the "n" word, "n*de." Hopefully a certain devout momma's boy virgin Christianator doesn't see it and get triggered. Last thing I would hate is for him to do like God says and gouge his burning eyes out because then he can't call the FBI to lock me up for talking about naughty bits.
Dwayne Dixon, ATIFA Trash.
Neo Nazi Skinheads, 1980s, UK, National Front. Google. Oh, and your mirror. Idiot.
Sarcastically surprised Kirk
"If tha moozlimz were Baptists or if tha Baptists were Antifa, would you complain"