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like for free iphone 6s

like for free iphone 6s | image tagged in memes,furries,furry,hunt,hunter,shadow the hedgehog | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
5,279 views 12 upvotes Made by InterestinglyUninteresting 3 years ago
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How about, no
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We are people too you know
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I'm afraid you don't understand. This meme serves as a satire of memes made by dumb kids who think they're the edgiest shit ever by hating furries. The multiple watermarks and layers of texts from multiple meme generators make the fact it obvious that this is satire.
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Mr Incredible Not Strong Enough | SHUT UP PLEASE SHUT UP | image tagged in mr incredible not strong enough | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Please stop posting Furry Hate memes, it's mean, offensive, and really just makes us feel bad about ourselves.
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It's a satirical take on the sheer stupidity of furry-hate culture. The multiple layers of text should have made that obvious.
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I understand that it was made for the purpose as a joke, but some people might not know that
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