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I think furries are ok and the way they're getting harassed for it is horrible. in The_Think_Tank
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
The furry fandom is one of the nicest and welcoming fandoms of them all, furry that have them wear fursuits just to make people happy and to rp as that character, it’s not nessary to have a fursuit but it is nice to have one just cause they cute and well there is the kink side of the fandom but about 15% of furries are into that and that’s not a big part of it, it’s just something some people be attracted to but they aren’t usely open about it and keep it to them selfs. Also a big misconception of the fandom is that me like to frick animals, that isn’t true, that’s the zoophiles who do that, sure there are some but not usely, basically it’s a kind and loving fandom that likes to make people happy and the other part which isn’t focused on all that much, I know all of this cause I’ve been in the fandom for nearly a year and a half, I am a fursuit maker, I’m involved in a lot of furry sites online such as furry amino and fur affinity and my bf is a furry and has been for nearly 5 years now so I think I know about all sides of the fandom and about this stuff, so yas, there I done with my speech. It vewy long sowwy, also the pic I added is one of beetlecat original fursuits and they must be one of the best makers ever >w<
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Finally Im free!!! Class is out
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Yup it be soooo boring I’ve been sitting here for nearly an hour but luckily cause of COVID rn it’s only half days