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Taking a Stand

Taking a Stand |  Stand Up for What's Right; Even If You Have To Stand Alone | image tagged in nancy pelosi,trump | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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This was from a cabinet meeting at the White House, probably a month after the midterm elections. I love their faces - especially General "Mad Dog" Mattis's. He looks like his mom just grounded him.
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Want - YES! Get? Not always. Al Gore got more of the popular vote than George W Bush in 2000, but at least then the totals were close. Hillary Clinton had more than three MILLION more votes than Trump in 2016. The system needs work, but its still important that we VOTE. BTW, I suspect we would have just as much political uproar if HC had won in 2016. If you remember, the MAGA hats were threatening revolution and impeachment hearings months before the election was even held.
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Bush in 2004 was the only Republican who won the popular vote in THREE decades.
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And, more than that were ILLEGAL votes LOL Kill didn't even truly get the popular vote. And, if she had it would be from Cal. and NY. 2 states should not rule the rest of the populace ever! The electoral college was created to prevent a few states from having power over the rest. We cam together as the UNITED STATES. We were UNITED with certain parameters in place to protect each State from control of the others. It is the most fair process.
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Trump's own commission on voter fraud quickly folded with zero evidence of voter fraud.

CA & NY aren't the only States where anyone voted Hillary. That's just very silly.
Scroll to the bottom for more on that.

The EC was created because the Founding Fathers believed average voters (who initially were to be only land owning Protestant men of means) were just too stupid to vote wisely. It was to prevent the election of a populist with autocratic aspirations who might destroy what they had wrought, you know, like a Trump.
Appeasing States with lower pops was a secondary issue, a concession to them.

In all but 2 States, the EC is winner take all. So even votes against the winning presidential candidate within a State are awarded to them. While it various, basically half the voters within these States had their choice negated. So on a State level, the EC does what you claim it counters on a Federal level, only worse, since the popular votes are not reassigned to the winner.
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Stand Up for What's Right; Even If You Have To Stand Alone
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