Grabbing guns, raising taxes, taking away healthcare, open borders...

Grabbing guns, raising taxes, taking away healthcare, open borders... | DEMOCRATS PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING THEY SAY | image tagged in democrats | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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NOW THAT RIGHT THERE IS IMPRESSIVE | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
except for beto actually stating he was coming for your AR-15"s (but not your handguns,rifles or shotguns).

this meme is just stating stuff.
which has no relation to reality.

"taking your health care"?
you mean giving you health care that covers everything,and everybody?

"raising taxes"?
well,to be fair.
if medicare4all ever gets passed (and there is no certainty it will) your taxes will go up.
but your premiums will be gone,as well as deductibles.

and your taxes were raised.
by trump.
it was cleverly hidden over a 10 year period,but it is a tax hike.
unless you are already rich,and in that case...ENJOY your tax cut.

"open borders"?
if you mean sensible immigration reform,then yes..of course.
nobody is calling for "open borders".

what a misleading,hyperbolic propaganda whinge fest this meme is.
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1. It begins with one class of gun and will eventually include others. I have no reason to believe a single word otherwise, especially from a Democrat. They want us to trust them to protect a right that they don’t think we should have.

2. No, taking my healthcare that I pay for that does what I need it to do. Much like Obamafraud, the government would give me what it thinks I need. You know what Obamacare offered me after my last insurance got canceled? Family planning, meaning abortion, sterilization, things like that. Nothing else at all after the government destroyed something that was working just fine for me. No thanks.

3. I doubt that it will get passed. It’s just a communist dream that these morons push to get votes.

4. My taxes went down. Seriously. I got a tax cut and I make even more money now. Not sure where you’re getting your information.

5. In all fairness I don’t think anybody has said to throw open the gates and let everyone inside. Even Democrats know that is a bad thing. Where we differ is on how to secure the border, what to do with illegal aliens, and how to turn those illegal aliens into taxpaying citizens.
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I got a tax cut too
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*10 year period
the working class did experience a small tax break in the first year,this will lessen and then flip over the course of ten years.
whereas the tax cuts on the wealthy were made permanent.which is the third major tax cut for the top ties tax bracket in less than 15 years,and the second time they were made permanent.

don't really understand the defense of tax policies.
there are a myriad ways to hide the increases,both parties engage in the obfuscation while engaging in "worker friendly" rhetoric.

who did you think was going to pay for the bank bailout?
rich folk?

but whatever,
if you are curious,check out mark blythe.
political economist who is a fantastic speaker and depoliticizes this issue.
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Yeah, the numbers don't actually reflect that though. Many get confused because the brackets changed along with the percentages. And the rates are stable until 2026, when they increase - THEY GO BACK TO 2017 RATES! So, it's a 10 year reprieve for many. So yes, it goes back up TO WHAT IT WAS BEFORE.

And you'll have to show where the "wealthy" rates are permanent - because I can't find that in the bill....unless you're trying to muddy the water by throwing corporate tax rates at an individual tax conversation....

Those making less than $9k didn't see anything - but they weren't supporting themselves on that income anyway. At those levels, they qualify for all sorts of assistance programs.

$9k to $38k saw a 3% decrease
$38k to $82k saw a 3% decrease
$82k to $157k saw an 8% decrease
$157k to $200k saw a 1% decrease

Here's the funny one that nobody ever wants to mention because it goes against the narrative that the rich got breaks:

Those making between $200k and $418k saw a tax INCREASE of 2%

So much for that liberal lie.
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that 8% is supposed to be fingers got ahead of my brain on that one.
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thanks for taking the time my dude.

if we take it all in a reductionist face value metric,then it has the optics of appearing okie dokie..nothing to see here.

but as i stated,there are a myriad of ways to hide those increases (or decreases) and it crosses partisan lines,both parties do it to appease the wealthy donor class.

decent break down here.easy to read and it exposes some of the stealth tactics our legislators engage in to fuzzy the lines.
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