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Notorious AOC, charging in like a baller ! So for the "little socialist" has cost New York 25,000 jobs! Keep up the good work!
and now I have to go pack for my trip.toodles gumbey.we are done here.you are a proven liar,a fraud and nothing you have to say will ever be taken with any amount of credibility from me. now you are just....boring.
Corrupt Economy contributing to Mass Shootings?
you just confirmed what I suspected: you are a decent guy. I donate my time to counsel addicts looking to get clean.(I volunteer a lot) I fail far more than I succeed. my past is a tad more..colorful..so let's just say I understand addiction. best weapon I have to help addicts is hope,some people don't handle hardships well,trauma well..and they don't have the tools to deal with some things. some people are lazy. some people want to just jump to the head of the line. some people don't understand what 'work" entails,and struggle. family is so important.it is vital. and even then,no guaruntees. too many people want complicated issues reduced to these easily digestible nuggets,and life simply doesn't work that way. shit is complicated. chris hedges wrote a book "days of destruction,days of revolt". it is a heartbreaker. my brother in law is a lot like you. great guy,love him to pieces and have mad respect for him. but people making poor decisions that nuke their life leave him baffled. to him it is easy. get a job and start working your way out of the hole you dug for yourself. done. but he is applying HIS subjective understanding on another (understandable,this is what we do as humans). I never judge,but I also do not allow any form of:lying,cheating,stealing or taking advantage. down south I ran a recovery house.i rented my two back rooms out for junkies trying to get clean (my brother thought I was nuts),and for the most part,things worked for the better,but...junkies gonna be junkies. I am of the mind that I don't care how big you are,how badass. I am ex military,you aint gonna impress me. real strength in my opinion,is doing the right thing,even when it is hard to do. sticking by your principles,even if it costs you. protecting the weaker,even if you pay a price. so a man who steals,or cheats,or lies. is weak. and I will walk away (or kick you out of my house) in a second. but how do we do that as a community? or a nation? maybe we could start by not marginalizing people who are less off then we are? stop punching down,and lifting people up? which sounds like that is exactly what you try to do. I am liking the cut of your jib red. you are alright in my book. now I GOT to get to packing,(wasted a bunch of time on gumbey). ill ttyl bud.
Notorious AOC, charging in like a baller ! So for the "little socialist" has cost New York 25,000 jobs! Keep up the good work!
http://www.qchron.com/editions/queenswide/progressive-pols-who-killed-amazon-deal-must-resign/article_8c79f82c-c30e-595e-b216-dbc3b975a970.html https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/feb/15/amazon-new-york-long-island-city-hq2-michael-gianaris https://nypost.com/2019/02/14/this-is-the-man-who-delivered-the-death-blow-to-amazon-deal/