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Khashoggi Betrayal

Khashoggi Betrayal |  "HEY @REALDONALDTRUMP: BEING SAUDI ARABIA’S BITCH IS NOT 'AMERICA FIRST,'" | image tagged in sell out,murder,tulsi gabbard | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Khashoggi was a piece of shit troublemaker connected to CIA. Not a U.S citizen either. Look at his family history, uncle was billionaire arms dealer connected to CIA. Unfortunate for him to have whatever happened to him. But I dont think his assassins picked his name out of a phone book now. Critical writing of kings of countries usualy results in a loss of liberty if your not careful. He fd up. So who cares any more about him than to say it is sad for his family.
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Pulling out of the trade agreement would start a massive war, possibly even a world war. Nobody is going to start a war over a "journalist" from the Washington Post.
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Course not, he wasn't an American rapper. And he is selling arms not part of a trade agreement.
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Perhaps if Kim & Kanye asked the Donald...
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Did the US go to war over Tupac or something? I don't get it.

Vagabondsouffle kind of clears up what you were getting at, I think. I highly doubt Trump would go to war over Kanye. He did work with him to help people in prison for minor drug offenses but that's saving lives as opposed to wiping them out in a war.
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Google A$AP Rocky and Sweden
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amoral nonsense
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Really? So the death of one man justifies the death of thousands? Millions? Billions?? Do you really believe violating the trade agreement would have no consequences for Americans? For the world?

No thanks. Not killing or dying for Kashogi.
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