"Windmills Cause Cancer"

"Windmills Cause Cancer" | "WINDMILLS CAUSE CANCER" *DROPS HIS BOWL OF FROOT-LOOPS* | image tagged in donald trump,trump,president trump,cancer,political meme | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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The art of a magician, is misdirection. I take you this way while I go this way. You like all the msms have once again taken the bait. The msms raved and you memed. All of you looking even more insane. If that were possible... Don chuckled, "I wonder what wild thing I will say tomorrow to shake the tree? I said I'd close the border and all the sheep panicked, I scared mexico into doing the job and that hangs in the air. I have closed the border before and I do as I say I will". Left people you only see what you want and most of that came from cnn, you dont even do ur own thinking
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The art of stupidity isn't, it's just stupidity.

But hey, if you're stupid enough to believe it, you're stupid enough to believe it.

Don't rub your snake oil in one place.
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At the same dinner, Mr. Trump made this claim: “If you have a windmill anywhere near your house, congratulations, your house just went down 75 percent in value.”

This is a comment trump said last week at an event. Recorded and reported, not fake news or misdirection, just good ole fashion dumbness. He was tryna rile up his base into thinking "windmills" cause cancer and devalue your property. He's angry cuz they put a windfarm next to his course in Scottland, he tried to fight it and lost, he is vilafying a renewable efficient resource cuz he's angry about his course, and look, all his followers are angry too with no actual knowledge of what windfarms can do.
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reminds me when rex Tillerson protested a fracking water tower going up near his ranch in texas.

the delicious irony lost on the perpetually privileged.
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it's just a meme.
relax....*Don chuckled*.
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