Don't believe it. Grumpy never forgives, Grumpy never forgets.

Don't believe it.  Grumpy never forgives, Grumpy never forgets. | IT'S NOT LIKE I KEEP SCORE | image tagged in grumpy cat tennis,love_all,revenge,frog baseball,death note,settle the score | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Andrew, since you are a MOD maybe you can either direct me or do whatever you are able to do in regards to the "hanesherway" issue. It's one thing that this guy makes memes of himself wearing women's panties. It is quite another that he insists on posting these images of himself in people's comments. At times there will be items such as umm... d**dos placed in the picture. Things like that. There seem to be an increasing amount of younger people using the site lately. I am pretty sure there are laws about grown men offering nearly naked images of themsleves to minors. Further he often makes remarks about "looking for a guy to come by for a quick visit."

I don't care what this guy does in his own home or in his own memes. But he is dragging it out and forcing nearly nude images of himself on others, some of whom are minors. There are plenty of other forums in which he would be welcome. But he chooses to post these pictures of himself along with creepy comments here at imgflip. So what say you in regards to this problem? Can you give him a warning? Suspend his commenting privileges for a specified length of time? Should the community just keep down voting and flagging these images he is posting in comments? Or is there nothing that can be done? Thanks! I will await your response.
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Thanks for asking. I try to help where I can, I try to answer questions if I know the answer. Sometimes I don't know how to help or can't always help.

Sometimes I'm not around on Imgflip. I can come and go around here as I please, so I'm glad to be replying to you here in a somewhat timely manner :)

The "Jeffrey" images by past and present user(s) have been around for a while, since late 2016 from what I remember. I would say there are also a few other users who have similar styles with their submissions and comments/replies, displaying scantily clad images of either male(s) or female(s) and/or both genders.

Some users feel strongly about such NSFW submissions and NSFW comments/replies made on imgflip and how younger users may be viewing those. I think NSFW content has made some users decide to leave imgflip in the past, which is not a good thing. We are sad to see users go.

I think a good approach is to comment and reply directly with the user about their style.

It seems like most users are reasonable and are willing to discuss their content with community members in a level headed manner.

It looks like you were and are on the right track here

Sometimes other users are not willing to discuss or adjust their style from community interactions. When content and conduct are clearly and purposefully outside the Terms, Imgflip can and does take action. Personally I don't think the content there is over the line, it"s just offensive to some users. That's just my opinion and viewpoint.

Of course voting up or down is up to the individual users, it's part of the DNA of Imgflip. Flagging can be a little trickier, before I was a MOD I used it rarely and only when I was confident an image or comment was clearly outside the Terms.

I know you've seen it, in general when users are confident there are repeated occurrences against the terms, one of the best ways to bring it up to Imgflip is to use the feedback form, you can send details via also there is a feedback tab on every image page and most other pages. Those feedback forms do get reviewed.
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Thanks for the break down. The biggest concern is not with his memes in the streams, but rather posting his PERSONAL near nudity to users and , especially with no regard to the users age. Then saying he is looking for a guy to come over for a quick visit. This really goes beyond humorous random images, as is literally him showing his own photos to others who have said they don't want to see it. And the conversation you link to is about the third one I have had with this guy. So Maybe I will submit the feedback. They tend to ignore what ever we send in the feed back, but maybe they will pay attention.

Thank you very much for your timely response and thorough explanation.
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Good read
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. | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
To Agape. Cheers.
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GOT YOUR LAST 14 MEMES | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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