Every Girl's Been There !

Every Girl's Been There ! | Where  have  you  been  all  my  life ? Please  go  back  there ! | image tagged in girl guy restaurant 563x467,memes,dating,oh really,date from hell | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
206 views, 2 upvotes, Made by Rick75230 5 months ago girl guy restaurant 563x467memesdatingoh reallydate from hell
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Unfortunately, Facebook cuts off the image that has the 540 height. This is 467 and the bottom text just makes it. The reason the text isn't all the way at the bottom is that Facebook adds its own Imgflip logo that would display over the text.
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You made this from Facebook?
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No. The full image is larger and I cut it down to 540 pixels height and uploaded that as a template. But when I shared the meme to FB it cut off the bottom text, so I reduced the height and uploaded a second template and redid the meme. I'm seeing repeatedly that FB is cutting off the bottom of memes because they're too high. Either that or they don't display the image at all.
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I see. Thanks for explaining.
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Where have you been all my life ? Please go back there !
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