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Straight White Shark
I don't associate you personally with anything. I don't know you. I wasn't referring to you in particular as I was to anyone reading my comment. Often the ones who claim white people have done nothing wrong are the same ones with no white guilt. I believe if someone can look at my meme and not feel a twinge of guilt for the privilege they enjoy, knowing that POC are having 911 called on them for simply waiting at a Starbucks or barbecuing in the park, and that these kinds of things will never happen to them *because they're white* then something is seriously wrong. I wasn't referring to the fake over-dramatic defense of POC which mask feelings of inner racism. I was responding to the meme of the guy in the field and all the other openly racist memers on this site, who hate POC, make racist memes ridiculing them, know that white privilege exists, and feel no guilt about it whatsoever.
Straight White Shark
Either you don't have white guilt because you don't believe POC are being discriminated against or you know they are and you don't care. The ones who don't know are ignorant; the ones who don't want to accept it are, too. No one said people should feel bad about their ethnicity alone. There are people out there being shot, being sent package bombs, abducted and lynched, simply because of the color of their skin. This after hundreds of years of open racism in this country, the make it great againers are trying to act like it's not happening. If you're white and you look at my prior meme and feel no empathy then you, my friend, are the racist. Just admit it already and move on.