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Why do Atheists only attack Christians and no other religious group?
The AG who complained about the Muslim prayer room to begin with is an atheist. Also, the principal likely tried without success to enforce the rule about not leaving campus and only allowed the prayer room as a protective measure in light of all the islamaphobic hate crimes going on, especially in Texas, the hillbilly white power capital of 'Murcia.
Why do Atheists only attack Christians and no other religious group?
I don't know of any public schools that teach Islam. This article was referring to one school where the principal set aside an empty room to keep the Muslim students from leaving campus every day to go pray somewhere. You're making it sound like they're forcing students to turn to Islam and that's not true. Plus, the AG who complained about the prayer room also had a problem with a school hanging a poster for "A Charlie Brown Christmas" that had a bible quote.
Why do Atheists only attack Christians and no other religious group?
What's the straw man? The initial accusation was why atheists only attack Christianity And not Satanists. My point was that most people don't know any satanists and they're not out there trying to change laws to fit their religious views forcing everyone to abide by them. You jumped in and got defensive then went on the attack when I never questioned your honesty nor was I even debating with you. I asked a question. The fact that youve met "some" is interesting considering most people have never met one. Now you're saying they're people in prison with satanic tattoos then that makes sense.
No Nike endorsement deal
Calling attention to the disproportionate numbers of people of color getting shot by police? Regardless of whether you feel anything has been accomplished, and in spite of the racists who refuse to acknowledge the issue and have relentlessly tried to turn it into something it's not by focusing on the military and the flag, all the attention has led to millions of people being made aware of the problem, which is the initial point of any protest: to call attention to something. Whether the protest itself led to official policy changes, the more widespread use of body cams on police, the pressing of charges, conviction and firing of offending officers, no one can really say for sure. But it's probably helped. Usually when govt agencies are doing something wrong and it starts getting bad press, protests and at least a light of scrutiny shining on it, people start being held accountable and changes in policy start happening. How can you know for sure it hasn't accomplished anything?
Why do Atheists only attack Christians and no other religious group?
Sorry, didn't realize the topic had gone so far off track from my original statement. I don't know of any wars started by non-believers meant to crush believers. Communism is something else, in my opinion. I mean specifically like the opposite of the crusades.