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College Liberal Selective Logic | CALLS THE KILLING OF SEALS, WHALES, & ELEPHANTS, EQUIVALENT TO MURDER... CALLS ABORTION HEALTHCARE | image tagged in memes,college liberal,pro-life,maga | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Spoken by someone who obviously never had to make an extremely painful decision because their fetus was exposed to anything from viral & other pathogens(i.e. Rubella, Zika,toxioplasmosis )-or the equally hard to avoid toxic amounts of dozens of commonly used agricultural chemicals that cause birth defects that can range from severe brain damage to missing limbs,neurological disorders, & my all time favorite, Cyclops Syndrome (you don't want to know!) Until Republican legislators stop supporting the companies that pump these poisons into our children's food,air & water,& stop cutting funding for infant nutrition & medical care for American children(when THEY get top notch medical coverage thanks to taxpayers!)-they dont GET to pretend that they're "pro-life!" All they do is fund companies that cause the sort of birth defects that make tragic late term abortions necessary! Then they suppress EPA reports about widespread contamination of US water supplies. THAT is NOT "pro-life! It is anti-life. So are their constant profitable wars,which are a significant part the reason USA water supplies are contaminated;it's from industrial pollutants spewed out by military contractor's manufacturing plants. So suck on THAT bitter truth whilst making fun of those of us who believe that noone should be forced into a miserable existence in which parents unable to care for a special needs child are treated to the" joy" of a forced birth.It means suffering for the injured child,if he or she survives,suffering for the parents,& no help from the forced birth cadre! But it usually means great profits for Big Pharma & healthcare industries as these poor kids parents try desperately to keep them alive. If Republicans were REALLY pro-life,our healthcare would be decent ,our air,food & water would be clean,our educational system would be excellent, & there would be no homeless children anymore than there would be homeless veterans! The fact that both exist tells us all we need to know about the Oligarchy we live under. The present illegitimate administration is the most loathsome example of utter corruption that has been witnessed in our nation's short history.
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