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Dems are off the rails now days. in politics
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Too bad it didn't pass. Could have saved millions of lives.
This is what leadership looks like. in politics
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Hello again. (It took a whole week for me to be banned from that stream, seeing how "tolerant" they are about differing opinions.) Thanks for reaching out. Cheers!
What they don't teach you in school anymore. in politics
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The man came to Christ by faith. Result: Sins forgiven and washed away, granted eternal life, adopted into God's family as a son, declared righteous, will reign over the earth with Christ when he returns. So what?

Also, it helps affirm our long and deep heritage as a Christian Nation. If he had declared himself a Muslim or an atheist, I suppose you would be promoting it also. :)
Satan is alive and well, but Jesus wins in the end! in politics
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Reformation Day, not Halloween.
1492... a good year for humanity in politics
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Arrested in chains and then vindicated and commissioned to do a forth voyage. His punishment of the offenders was justified. The Taino people were largely wiped out by disease. Slavery was the common practice of the day, especially among the indigenous people of the region. The Spanish were no saints and neither were the natives.