God Emperor

God Emperor | 2025 THE YEAR IS | image tagged in donald trump,maga | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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>It's January 20th, 2025
>Donald Trump stands on the balcony of the Capitol building, watching as the new president, Alex Jones, gives his Inauguration Speech
>As Jones pledges to build on his predecessors achievements, a single tear rolls down Donald Trump's face
>He thinks back over the last eight years and all he's achieved in his time as President
>America is prosperous once more, GDP has more than doubled since 2016, Hillary is serving consecutive life sentences and Bill has died from complications of syphilis, North Korea is currently building their own Trump Tower in Pyongyang and Atrazine is no longer turning the frogs gay
>He smiles, for he knows America will be okay from now on
>As Jones finishes, he turns and invites the Donald to give a few words
>He approaches the mic but says nothing. The crowd of millions wait with bated breath
>Trump's very being starts to fracture and fade into eternity; the crowd breaks into pandemonium, but with a single gesture he ushers them back to peace
>Everything is alright, I did what I needed to do. You're in good hands
>As tears flow down his face, he grins a cheeky grin gives the crowd a thumbs up
>"Mission accomplished"
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I have deep concerns for your more creative functions.
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Did the Atrazine ever reach Pepe?
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