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Where is the problem? (Only stupid physicists believe that the 2nd law of thermodynamics is valid for the universe, and not just an approximation for steam engines).
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This is the dichotomy for an atheist regarding how and why there is a material universe, theists have at least one extra option, God created the universe.

The reason its a problem is because "stupid physicists" seem to think they have proven the universe is not eternal, it doesn't just violate entropy but also logic, as an eternal material past means you can never traverse back to any point in time that can be considered "now", even time came into existence ex nihilo.

However a universe from nothing is also impossible, logically, philosophically and mathematically (0+0=0) so the two explanations for an atheist for the existence of the universe are falsified easily using logic, reason, math and rationale, thus making atheism impossible, leaving a universe created from an immaterial phenomenon that is omnipotent in order to create, omniscient in order to know how and what to create, omnipresent due to it being infinite in its ontology and omnibenevolent as in its maximal attributes.
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The concept of time in (especially Newtonian) physics is a joke, but physicists still haven't gotten it. Time it is not a fundamental prerequisite for the existence of energy or mass, it is nothing but a comparison of the duration of two movements, one periodic and the other one not, or also. The definition of time doesn't make any sense, unless you have a periodic movement. And periodic movements can arise from stochastic movements - this has definitely been proven experimentally, e.g. on surfaces, although there is not yet any theory for it, but the present theories of physics, except quantum mechanics, are a joke anyway. So the "question" of time is an artificial one.

Therefore, the only argument that remains "against" an eternal unviverse (perpetuum mobile of the 2nd kind) is indeed the 2nd law of thermodynamics - and as I said, this pre-quantum mechanical 19th century law is a valid approximation for steam engines (as Newtonin gravity is a valid approximation in certain cases), but nothing beyond that.
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Please contradict, if you don't agree - I am a scientist !
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