Gun violence

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Did you know that the Parkland shooter was cutting himself on Instagram and showing off his weapons, and had to be given psychological evaluations by the county?
Oh, you don't care? Neither did the FBI when someone close to him called their tip line months ago and told them "he might be a school shooter in the making." They didn't forward that information to the nearest field office or to the Sheriff's Department. Telling the Sheriff's Department might not have helped since they had been called to the guys residence at least 39 times (some of which had to be after he was no longer a minor 17+) and they didn't arrest him or report him which would have caused any felonious or domestic violence behavior to be recorded in the FBI's database so he would not have been able to legally obtain his weapons (which he did by passing the FBI/NCIS background check that everyone who purchases a weapon from a gun store must, which was legislation supported by the NRA!)
But, yeah, the NRA totally has blood on their hands and any legislator whom they support...(end sarcasm) (click to show)
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Bullsh*t. And I'm a vegan that voted for Obama both times, too.
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So you value guns over children? Figures.
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I'm just smart enough to weigh issues on their own merits. I am a slave to neither party, I think for myself.

A concept vastly over your dogmatic head.
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Maybe if you announce a gazillion more times how smart you are while clickin em ruby reds together, someone might eventually believe ya?

You're a slave to the Party Soviet, comrade.
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