BEWARE: A GLOBAL CORPORATIST FASCIST DEEP STATE is Taking Over Every Industrial & Oil Producing Nation using the Code Word, "Global Economy. | image tagged in putin trump | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Everybody prefaces his name with "ex-KGB" - yet somehow they don't always say "Ex-CIA chief George Bush" too | PUTIN IS FIGHTING THE WEST'S WAR TO PUSH RUSSIA INTO THE CENTRAL-BANK GLOBALIST SCAM AND WHY THE WEST IS DOING ITS DAMNDEST TO DEMONIZE HIM  | image tagged in putin,federal reserve,globalism,corporations | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
true, however...
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. | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
"CR010 ups
I studied the history and the writings. They knew the tension. Your PC/Soviet ideological framework is a false imposition on reality."
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So you're still smarting from your last drubbing, but you think you can pull a hilariously cheap McCarthy on me to save face? You just sold your soul.

And if you only knew how completely full of crap you were for trying to call me Soviet, you'd so ashamed you might never show your face here again.

The graphic you supplied could be created identically for George Bush, but we practice double standards. Right down to subbing the invasion of Panama for the Crimea.

Except nobody invited George Bush to invade Panama and others, whereas the Crimea had been part of Russia till Stalin for some capricious reason assigned it - and its Russian population - to the Ukrainian SSR, which was technically part of the whole same country, the USSR. When that collapsed it went with the subcomponent, but the Russian natives didn't like it and vastly overwhelmingly finally decided to secede. There was less popular support for Yugoslav breakaways, if we're honest here, that the West supported. It'd be like Alaskans being under Russia but wanting to rejoin the US. It'd be a self-determination no-brainer, comrade.

Stop believing the bullsh*t corporatocracy's media, research other sources that challenge the official stories you so gullibly fall for, and start to think for yourself.
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putin holding baby donald | DA DA ZHAT IZ VONE OVF OUR AZGENTZ, HELPING ZHE MOZTHER VRUSSIA | image tagged in putin holding baby donald | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
psssst. Don't be tooooo overt it with the commie propaganda-ing, comrade. When Trump goes down, y'all is next, traitor. Your PC/Soviet ideological framework is a false imposition on reality indeed, hypocrite.

PS: Still waitin fer yer scholarly schoolin on that Costitution meme thread, champ.
Tho from what I've seen of your comments elsewhere since, you like dodging issues much, eh?
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Go ahead, come for me, I'll put brass right between your eyes.

I guess you're way too stupid to get that I'm far more anti-Soviet than you could dream. But you have definitely shown you don't get things no matter how many times over and over again a point is made.

You got your schooling already, I explained it, I explained why it was no longer worth my time.

Pot, kettle, pseudointellettle.
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Dreams are irrelevant. Just as your 'arguments' lacking any facts still are.
You just licked the crud off the bottom of Putin's sexy booties, ya putz, and you liked it - THAT says it all. Condemn Bush some more because I insulted your precious commie leader.

Go the for the brass, big boy. Try not to hurt too hard.
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Love those Facebook rubles.
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BEWARE: A GLOBAL CORPORATIST FASCIST DEEP STATE; $$$; $$$; is Taking Over Every Industrial & Oil Producing Nation using the Code Word, "Global Economy." It's a Corporate Economy, Stupid.
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