And I Meme That!!

And I Meme That!! | YOU DONT GET NO SHOT! | image tagged in mickey,rocky,boxing,fighter,apollo lang,meme | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Take it easy Mick... It was just a hoax... | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I coulda been a bad actor...
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Buddith | WELL YOU WERE A BAD WRESTLER SO... | image tagged in buddith | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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. BRO! | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Please to be invited - to a Joix¥use Event...The fFeast of St. John "the Evangelist".

We are currently seeking a Table to set. Place some food there - upon once it has been set Right.

per haps - Ameme of a Table set for a Fellowship Hall and an apprpriately Sacrilized Feas¥. offer a Dish to the Community. All Are In.VitedD.

The people may - at their own wisdom set before it some EDIBLE and APPROPRIATE (SFW) foodstuff. Wether your own image - or that another depicting an etcetera...

This thread and Worthy Gentleman maybe consulted as to the arrangements. Or...providing many separate locations not be troublesome to This Unified Jusrisdiction...the people provide at their wisdom.
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Billy Burry | DUDE I STOPPED READING YOUR RAMBLING AFTER PLEASE TO BE INVITED | image tagged in billy burry | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Translate this - The rants of the sphing stir that declares the prefix of whataburger exhibits the behaviours of a doo shhh.
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Well to each his own. No offense taken... We all have an idiom. I now recognize yours.

Offer still standz. But, go with (your own) G-d(s).

As thou will it. So do it.
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POSITIVITY.... Who was it that Taglined out with a Vanity Card apres' the closing credits? And
A young boy's voice declares proudly "I made  | made w/ Imgflip meme maker (click to show)

I hear all and STEER Google.

Tha guy getz (a) bye (on the past PPV)- With or Without a "proper" Foundation from 'Rassling.

He was workin' from-and-IN the Crowd .

I love the BBS team (and the Gracies and Blackhouse more generally) BJJ works within itz alternative parameters. Tho', I personally tend to prefer good Judo or Sambo - generally - for my personal practice and taste in Grappling.

Less Ground time is Always better on the street.
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Bruce Lee | HERES ONE YOU CAN TAKE TO THE CHEST THERE ALTY. | image tagged in bruce lee | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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The offer, WHICH I extended, was one such thing.

And if you'll notice. A RARITY.
So please... reconsider if someone with whom you are more familiar and comfortable makes it.

I felt moved to motivate this...Because I think I appreciate all the creative types here. Even the one's that I wind up.a-fussin' and a-feudin' with.

The lesser talents will develop or find a place to shine, all for themselves, all by themselves. Van Goch was never on a Top 100. Popularity generally doesn't impress me, much. Everything else, like Talent, Funny, skill, all of it - fitz into itz appropriate place in my own ranking system. I think that we all have one of our own.

So-s you know - if U werrr unaware - this (Alt/)Golem is simply a Professional account. I use some tools. This is merely one of them.

But I keep no army of Alts. Just this. And no secret it iz..

My "cast of characters" are an endless League of Meme-Worthy icons.

Always 2 there are - with me - no more nor less...

So of you maintain an elaborate ethical code, in that regard...please educate me. Otherwise I see all sortz of folk down it their own wayz. I try not to judge.

And I try to use this in a way that is benign. Add "Is Possible" to the AWV - and you'll see my only other "social media" account. And FAR younger than these, it is. Various, Humour, Politics, Straight-Dope researches...Kung Fu. Bruce.

Surf, Kneeboarding and Bodysurfing too.

Rare bird, High Degree - shit mostly. Nothing uploaded by me as yet. .

Feel free to say hi. Division is very last year. Coming together, on a common (consensus-based) course...looks like the next big thing.
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