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I WONDER WHO'S KNOCKING ON THE DOOR? | image tagged in nevertrump,never trump,nevertrump meme,dump trump,dumptrump,dump the trump | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
514 views 6 upvotes Made by lrpisme 6 years ago
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Only if and after they get Hillary first
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FBI is too blue
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Keep dreaming, it's funny.
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For all you Trumpite collaborators who don't seem to CARE that Trump sold us out to Russia,I guess the anger of REAL Americans over this is oh SO funny to you.What you fail to understand is that we ALL lost.So, Keep laughing as you try to breathe in increasingly polluted air,& try not to choke as those fracking solvents in your water burns your throat. Just keep on laughing when your child's pediatrician tells you it's cancer,but you can't pay for treatment because you lost your job & your insurance because the economy collapsed,& there's no Medicaid funding left to even apply for! Keep laughing as your wife leaves you & your own doc tells you the reason that the Viagra didn't work is that the testicular cancer has spread & proceeded to destroy your circulation in that area. But,hey,you got your Trump Administration! Now just try to get rid of it. If you don't want a future like the one I just described you better PRAY Trump doesn't fire Mueller-because Trump IS working for Vladimir Putin, while busily stuffing his own pockets at our expense, & so is his vile cabinet. But of course Trump WILL fire Mueller,just as he fires everyone because he thinks life is a big reality show. And he will continue to void all over our constitution while sucking us dry. The fact that you think it's "funny" that we now have a dictatorship tells me that you were probably the sort of kid who pulled wings off of flies!
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Incidentally, lest you think my description of life in a fracked out America excessive, try Googling "The effects of fracking solvents on humans & livestock ". I know by personal experience how easily cancer is gotten.I got it at 19 & so did our healthy young Labrador when we were both exposed to the same pesticide. MY insurance at my school had just lapsed because it only covered enrolled students. I got sick,had to withdraw. The dogs cancer was more aggressive than mine.He died,& I am dying from the effects of toxic cancer treatments. Trumps creepy EPA appointee just reapproved a pesticide banned from the US before.Children and pets are the most vulnerable to cancers caused by pollutants.So, as Trump destroys our clean air & water laws,and sells off our public parklands, I can tell you this;the nightmare future I described is one your vote,& your continued support of Trump & men like him made inevitable. ????
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