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Actually in Namibia (maybe Kenya too) they began a program where they gave the villagers a financial incentive regarding the local elephant population and it has proved a huge success. The government gave the village a portion of the substantial license fee paid by the hunters. The meat also was given to the villagers. Having a financial interest in the herds the villagers began to locate and report poachers. This resulted in an increase in the numbers of elephants. The ban on importation discourages American hunters who would go to Africa, pay the high license fee and kill the elephant that is then consumed by the village. The ban was only enacted a few years ago and its repeal has been studied by the USFW and has been recommended to be rescinded. I know this sounds counterintuitive, but I have been following this for several years now. I would love to go to Africa, but personally would not care to hunt elephants.
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I have to agree with whoever "deleted" was. I looked into this about 10 years ago when the owner of my company took part in one of those hunts. We came under fire from all over and were bombarded with harassing calls. We had to actually had some forced overtime to deal with it, and we had 1000 or more agents 24/7.
I knew our owner as a friend to animals by way of his sponsorship of spca telethons and large donations. This didn't make sense so I investigated on my own and got past the hype. I also learned this was a very old rogue, close to the end of life and that was destroying the village food supply. The animals are carefully selected before the permit is issued and the permit was issued for a specific kill.
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Aint Nobody Got Time For That Meme | HUNT ELEPHANTS? AINT NOBODY GOT STOMACH FOR THAT | image tagged in memes,aint nobody got time for that | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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