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I'm pretty sure most everyone agrees on clean a healthy environment. I'm not convinced though, that we aren't just going through normal global weather patterns. I'm skeptical enough about weather reports a week out, let alone 20 years from now. In the 60s it was widely stated we wouldn't be able to even venture out in the rain in a few years, due to the acid.
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Agreed to a point, however the problem becomes government administration. The Virginia fishing license program was a great example. For years I bought a freshwater license and felt good that all funds were going towards Chesapeake Bay watershed cleanup and great progress was made. I left the state for 10 years and come back to find all the money is being usurped by other department budgets. Throw in some Al Gore carbon credits which he had positioned himself favorably in, and I turn skeptic when politicians say they have answers.
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woohoo, way to show off the massive amounts of braincells you possess
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lol You fail at knowing anything about who you are talking about. You can take pride however, at being a really good ass kisser. Have the balls to come at who you disagree with directly like my "2 brain-celled" self did.
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and these accomplished what exactly??? Yes they were programs, but what did they change? What MEASURABLE impact did they have?