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How does one take this out of context?
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Well, I'm sure many Christians would say that all those commandments are obsolete because of the NT, or that such laws were appropriate for the context of their time somehow...

What always gets me about people claiming that Atheists don't understand what the passages actually mean is the fact that people of faith can never agree on what it means... they literally read the same book and wind up making different religions about it anyway.
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That's a good point. Some Christians do turn away from the OT.

I know, right?! On one side, we have the people who read a religious text who are tolerant and open to discussion, while on the other side we have these people who'd go as far as to hold their ears close, or kill, for their religious beliefs! If only we could become united instead of divided over stupid issues such as what we think made the world.
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I certainly agree, but for the religious, it's more than about what created the universe, it's about what should be allowed, forbidden, and required in society. Thankfully though, I feel like most people have a kind of underlying conscience that makes it impossible for them to accept that their religion professes something they feel is immoral, and are willing to ignore any evils their religion traditionally proscribes in order to balance their faith with their underlying morality. Though I am aware that indoctrination sadly knows no limits when it comes to making good people do bad things.
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