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Post your ideas in the comments. thank you. It's not easy to know what is a repost or not
*creates a plasma of sage so dense that every possible electron energy level between ground state and the speed of light is occupied by overlapping electron fields, hence creating a fully electro-degenerate gas to which nothing can physically be added*
Sean Connery > Kermit
Frog testicles are internal, so sounds to me like you vivisected him. I'm not surprised he's beggin' XD
tom shotgun
Differences in climate, such as the difference between now and the Mesozoic era, occur with the sun as an almost unchanging constant, and take hundreds of thousands if not many millions of years to take affect. They aren't the result of the sun changing in any way; they happen due to changes in the earth's tilt, orbital path, and atmospheric content. No natural phenomenon can account for the speed at which the climate is changing, and even if it were a natural phenomenon the sun would have little to do with it.
tom shotgun
But explain why you think the sun is causing it.