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Just sayin'...
No, I cannot prove God doesn't exist any more than I can prove that fairies don't exist. But the burden of proof lies with the person trying to make the claim. Theists need be able to prove that God exists, otherwise there's no reason to believe that he must. Atheists, on the other hand, simply have to show that the God hypothesis is not supported ample evidence in order to maintain their world view. Simply pointing out that it's impossible to logically prove a negative is a non-argument.
Hey Internet
Lol they did that back when it was still Constantinople XD
Atheism is manifestly irrational.
I'm afraid I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "ineligible" in this context, but regardless... Logic is simply the method by which information is evaluated in terms of how intelligence categorically perceives and interprets the world around it. It is a computational method of inference determined by categorical arbitration. Such is not contingent on a theistic worldview, nor would it function any differently if intelligence were a "cosmic accident."
Atheism is manifestly irrational.
To claim that complex systems such as intelligence cannot ultimately derive from "chaos" is just a meaningless assertion. What demonstrable principle is there by which one can make such a claim?
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Me: being white is fine, it's really not a problem... The F**king Sun: guess again you pale little shit!